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Bikes, karts, tyres from Grudge Imports

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Grudge Imports  offers a wide range of karts, bikes, tyres and other equipment for commercial applications. Bikes offered by Grudge Imports are innovative in design and come in various models. GR 70 bikes from Grudge Imports are a seventy CC four stroke air-cooled engine and it comes with clutch less semi automatic operations. The GR 110 SA is a 100 CC four-stroke bike with air-cooled engine. The GR 110 CC offered by Grudge Imports is a four-stroke three-valve engine and ensures high performance when used.

The karts from Grudge Imports are available in various models. The little demon 70 type of kart is four-stroke kids buggy and it comes with remote control and engine stop. The Grudge PF kart from Grudge Imports features 90 CC four stroke air-cooled engines and automatic CVT attached to them. Grudge Imports provides ultimate range of sports kart. The sports kart come with 150 CC four-stroke air-cooled engines. The two-seated GTS 175 karts from Grudge Imports come with four-stroked air-cooled engines.

The tyres from Grudge Imports are available in various ranges. The 1000-20-16 Tyre rib comes with tube and rust band. Bias ply nylon tyres are too offered by Grudge Imports. Other types of tyres include 11 R 22.5 trailer tyre radial, low loader tyre with 18 ply, radial steer tyre 16 ply and 22.5-inch rim to name a few.

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