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Self priming pumps and hydro pumping systems from Grundfos Pumps

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Grundfos Pumps  offers a range of hydro pumping systems which provide constant pressure and are suitable for pressure boosting in water supply and irrigation systems. Hydro pumping systems have low energy, simple to install and are also ideal for water treatment systems, fire fighting systems and industrial plants.

Grundfos Pumps offers MQ multistage self-priming pumps which have all-in-one pressure booster units. Multistage self-priming pumps are easy to install and operate and have dry-running protection with an automatic reset. The pumps emit low noise and do not require any maintenance. MQ multistage self-priming pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in small family homes, cottages, farms and greenhouses.

Grundfos Pumps offers SEG pumps which prevent liquid from entering into the motor. SEG pumps have cartridge shelf seal systems, epoxy sealed cable plug systems and improved grinder systems. High discharge pressure of the SEG pumps enables the transfer of sewage over longer distances. Grundfos Pumps also offers submersible wastewater pumps which can be operated with or without a cooling jacket. Submersible wastewater pumps have built-in motor protection and are available in different types of impellers. Grundfos Pumps also offers custom built pumps, digital dosing pumps and solar pumping systems.

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