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Sires in use from Gumble Shorthorns

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Shorthorn genetics for commercial herds are offered by Gumble Shorthorns . Gumble Shorthorns had been formed to breed the bulls for commercial herd. The females are bred at Gumble Shorthorns through Gumble bulls. Gumble Shorthorns are involved in boosting their female numbers to 120 cows. This process is carried out through A.I. and E.T. programme. Strong commercial base formed by Gumble Shorthorns with help of genetics to compliment these females.

Gumble Shorthorns aims in breeding soft, easygoing cattle that is functional and has the ability to produce high average weight gain on pasture. Gumble Shorthorns works closely with their clients and helps them in selecting females and bulls. Gumble Shorthorns also help in placing the saleable stock. Different forms of sires are in use at Gumble Shorthorns including Gumble Uranus third, Gumble Kearnsie, Spry's Stars and Stripes sixth, Eden Park Red Rattler, Spry's Rolex Cherokee seventh and Spry's Grand Slam L10.

Gumble Kearnsie, at Gumble Shorthorns, is a well-muscled, structured progeny and was a junior champion at Dubbo National 1999. The offspring of Spry's Grand Slam L10 is soft, moderate and easy doing. The progeny of Spry's Stars and Stripes sixth have moderate frame and are well muscled. Their females are consistent.

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