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Electric netting fences from Gundaroo Tiller

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Gundaroo Tiller  offers electric netting fences. Gundaroo Tiller is involved in operating a wide range of vegetables and poultry farms. The electric netting fence offered by Gundaroo Tiller is multi system electric netting with three different wiring modes.

The electranets master fence used by Gundaroo Tiller is used for controlling the laying goats and hens on pasture and protects them from foxes, dogs and four legged predators. This electranets master fence is used by Gundaroo Tiller to control goats and hens when they are moved to vegetable farm areas to clean up the plant residues and to fertilise the ground. Electranets are ideal tool used by the farmer. It is used to protect beehives and stored feed from the stock.

Masterfence from Gundaroo Tiller is 50 metre long and 1.2 metres high with 14 horizontal wires. The wire at the bottom of the ground is not electrified and other wires present are made from three stranded electric wires. The wire close to the bottom is the horizontal wire. It is rigid and spaced every 160 millimetres away. Starterfence is ideal for controlling young pullets before reaching the lay point. It is essential while growing meat chickens.

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