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Garden tools from Gundaroo Tiller

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Gundaroo Tiller  specialises in offering quality tools and equipment used for small-scale farming and gardening purposes. The tools offered by Gundaroo Tiller are standard, eco-friendly and derived from Australian, American, European implements. Gundaroo Tiller offers a wide range of garden tools that are ideal for home gardeners.

The garden tools, offered by Gundaroo Tiller, include Ho-Mi, Gung hoe, oscillating stir up hoe, trapezoid hoe, broad fork, floating row cover, garden clips, soil blocker and shovel rake. Ho-Mi is an Asian hand cultivator and it is designed for use in flower and vegetable garden. It is used to dig holes for transplanting and planting seeds and bulbs, to loosen the soil, to dig weeds and to close and open the rows for planting the seeds. Ho-mi is available in four different versions. Small short handled Ho-Mi is small, versatile and light. It helps in getting into small spaces, used for light weeding of pot plants.

Soil blocker from Gundaroo Tiller is a modular system for seedlings and widely used by organic vegetable growers. Soil blocking is a quick, cheap and simple technique and it help in blocking the soils, prevents transplantation shock and allows steady growth of seedlings. Soil blockers come in different forms like mini blocker, hand blocker and inserts.

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