Gyral Implements

Gyral Implements designs, manufactures and markets a range of products including seeding, tillage and direct drill machines to suit the cereal grain growing areas of Australia. Belt spreaders, manure spreaders and a silage feed-out wagon for the dairy and cattle industry.

Gyral Implements also supply two Turf Care products: A commercial kerb and footpath edger – The Ezi-Edger and a specialised machine designed ... + View more


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14/02/13 - The STR Air Seeder from Gyral Implements incorporates early air seeder models with a large range of improvements and exciting new features.
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16/10/12 - The 17.0m3 silage feedout wagon from Gyral Implements is the latest in the range of silage wagons.
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16/10/12 - Gyral Implements offer a number of belt spreaders that can spread a range of products from granular fertilisers to lime.
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07/05/12 - Gyral introduce a range of belt spreaders combined with a silage feedout wagon to complement the existing range of seeding and tillage equipment.
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