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Floating Pull Folding Wing Tilthers

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The Gyral T240 Series range of tilthers offers great flexibility through a unique floating pull mechanism. The system combines a specific wheel placement design with an innovative floating pull mechanism.

This system ensures security for transport and flexibility in the working position.

The fore and aft wheel position ensures maximum ground following for accurate planting depth control.

The main lower pivot pin controls the pull and tows the cultivator in the working mode.

The robust boomerang shaped pull bracket allows for a large amount of vertical pull movement independent of the cultivator.

Hydraulic cylinders securely lock the pull to control the cultivator in the folded position for maximum safety.

Our series T240 range of cultivators are similarly configured to the T200 ranges with 470mm (18.5") under frame clearance.

Relatively narrow tyne spacing and smaller points produce an ideal tilth and leaves the soil in excellent condition.

Our persistence in maintaining these specifications has been vindicated by the machines' performance in the field.

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