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The Commander TerraForce sprayers are large great looking products. In addition, it would be fair to say they represent one of the most ambitious developments from Hardi Australia in recent years.

They offer four new working widths:

  • 36 metres
  • 38 metres
  • 40 metres
  • 42 metres
Also, 3 new Commander trailers carry the bigger TerraForce boom. They have capacities of:
  • 6500 litres
  • 8500 litres
  • 10000 litres
The centre is not the Hardi trapeze used in the past. Instead, it uses a new pendulum design. This allows for freer movement between the boom and the trailer.

Protecting the boom from a sudden shock caused by a wheel falling holes in paddocks has been addressed. The solution involves using independent wing suspension. The boom wing is supported by tilt cylinders through a linkage system and suspension element to absorb the shock transfer.

The new boom plumbing is also tidy. Some of the changes are bigger boom tubes and new saddles to cope with the demand for increasing application rates. The way the feed tubes are mounted use clamps instead of cable ties.

The new Commander trailers mean that there is a choice between small tank big booms or big tank small boom combination.

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