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Farmers welcome to visit the HARDI to see where and how their spraying equipment is manufactured

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article image A group of Western Australian farmers recently visited the HARDI factory to see where and how their spraying equipment is manufactured

The HARDI Australia factory have begun allowing farmers to visit the premises to see where their spraying equipment and machinery is built and the organisation behind the product, with the most recent group hailing from Western Australian cereal growing regions.

"It’s good for both farmers and manufacturers to have quality time together where they can share knowledge and experiences to improve the product and its performance", said The Boekeman Machinery Group's Dealer Principal, Stuart Boekeman.

The factory visit covered 6 areas of the HARDI organisation: production, assembly, testing, distribution, parts, product development and academy.

"The trip to Adelaide was definitely a success for all, with our clients leaving more than happy with what they saw," said Peter Crippen, Boekeman’s chaperone. ‘The HARDI factory was well worth the tour, with everyone commenting on how good they thought the factory was, how well the machines were made and the overall professionalism of the team’.

The group of visiting farmers saw HARDI spraying equipment being made and were able to talk to the workmen building them, who spoke of how happy they were working there and the pride they have in their products.

The HARDI Australia assembly line is unique in the way it utilises work centres based on cell structures. As the sprayer is built it moves through these work centres which are responsible for the parts required, including testing, quality and productivity.

The test facility is housed in a 1500 m² wet-area building dedicated to checking and proving sprayers. This shed sees HARDI Australia saving and recycling more than three million litres of water each year. Each sprayer is completely filled, the tank volume recorded, then run up to operating pressure to test the functionality before passing it to distribution where it is despatched from an under cover loading bay.

"The HARDI management team went out of their way even on the weekend to make sure we were all happy and catered for. These types of trips bring the customer, dealer and manufacturer closer together and can only lead to stronger relationships in the future," said Crippen.

HARDI Australia plans to conduct more tours in the future and welcomes any enquiries of interest.

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