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North Western Mallee farmer Steven Brown (aka Butch) took delivery of his new Hardi Saritor self-propelled sprayer recently with Nick Westphalen from Park Motors and Corrie Eichner of Hardi on farm to help with the installation.

Brown had 800 hectares of barley that needed to be sprayed with zinc which presented an excellent opportunity for Corrie to demonstrate the new TurboFiller.Previously they used a Hardi Granni Pot with reasonable results however there were always a few lumps that didn’t break down. Brown had been contemplating developing their own system to better mix and transfer zinc until they worked their TurboFiller.

“Butch filled the Hardi Saritor self-propelled sprayer to 30% capacity then began to introduce the Zinc straight from the bag into the TurboFiller like he would have with the Granni Pot,” explained Corrie. “We poured 5 x 25kg bags in one after the other plus a part bag and transferred 140kgs in 4 ½ minutes, which was an excellent result.”

The rate of transfer was similar to the Granni Pot, however the TurboFiller mixing was better with no lumps or undissolved product left in the hopper. The TurboFiller uses a turbo deflector to mix which is a different operating principal. High pressure, rotational liquid force is generated from the centre out in the TurboFiller where with as with the Granni Pot it is from the outside inwards.

“The turbo deflector is positioned in the very centre bottom of the hopper. It acts as an anti vortex plate as well as deflecting 10 streams of the high pressure water from the centre outwards breaking down the harder clumps of Zinc,” said Corrie.

“Providing the turbo deflector is running the hopper can be filled with dry product and it won’t block. You don’t have to part fill the hopper first but it can operate either way.”

“The only path for the product is through this vigorous mixing process which dissolves the material into solution ready for transfer.”

High pump pressure in combination with a venturi ejector produces the vacuum suction necessary to simultaneously suck and transfer the mixed material from the TurboFiller to the main tank.

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