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New Hardi Ranger smaller trailed sprayer

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A class leading design in the smaller trailed sprayer market, the Hardi Ranger is ideally suited to row cropping, cereals, pasture renovation and horticultural. 

The Ranger sprayer is a completely integrated design, delivering the lowest centre of gravity in its class, 700 mm of crop clearance, 1560 to 2342 mm adjustable track width and 500 to 1750 mm paralift boom height control.

Primary control functions for filling and operation are on the front left side next to each other. They are logically placed, simple to understand and easy use.

The chassis is manufactured from high tensile steel making it exceptionally strong while keeping weight to a minimum. The integrated engineering of the chassis rails, paralift towers and the axle insert channel provides the strongest design for supporting the tank and boom weight over the axle.

A 19 litre clean water tank and optional 250 litre flush tank complement the 2500 litre main tank capacity. The flush tank is placed over the axle for best weight distribution and stability regardless of whether it’s full or empty. Optional tank rinse nozzles will provide vigorous rinsing of the inside surface of the main tank.

The main tank is widest at the base providing a low centre of gravity and with the forward slopping sump design weight on the draw bar is maintained as it empties.

A foot step and hand rail provides easy and safe access to the platform for inspecting the tank. Inside the tank there are 4 venturi agitation nozzles that can be adjusted for the demands of different spray solutions. There is a cable pull tank drain valve and a dry type float level indicator.

The fluid system is a proven design and is well established in the market.  It uses colour coded manifold valves utilising slide clip connections for easy maintenance. Electric pressure and section distribution valve utilise strong geared motor drives which can be hand operated in the event of power loss.

The fluid system is driven by robust grease lubricated cast iron Hardi diaphragm pumps. It is self priming, positive displacement, capable of low and high pressure operation which is ideally suited to the demands of today’s nozzles. It can run dry for extended periods without harm and is very easy to service on farm.

A flooded in-line suction filter protects the fluid system from debris while a CycloneFilter on the pressure side ensure only the cleanest fluid gets through to the nozzles. It uses a high speed cyclone action to create a vortex inside the filter. This increases the speed of liquid flow over the screen creating a self cleaning action and the undissolved particle are returned to the tank.

Getting chemical into the Ranger sprayer is easy through the optional TurboFiller. A spring loaded drop down bracket allows the TurboFiller to be lowered to the perfect operating height. Rapid mixing is provided by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper. It utilizes high pressure from the pump to produces a vigorous rotational force that mixes chemical before transferring them. In combination with a venture ejector, vacuum suction is created to simultaneously suck and transfer the mixed material the main tank.

The Ranger sprayer can be equipped with a PRO boom for horticulture or the well known heavy duty Eagle boom. Both boom designs providing complete nozzle protection.

The Eagle offers unequalled performance in rough conditions and is available from 18 to 21 metres. The single dimension boom design has a dynamically linked coil spring boom centre which delivers an extremely smooth ride and is the perfect the higher speeds of operation. Inertia based boom control provides excellent stability through cornering and headlands preventing roll.

The Pro is a strong three dimensional boom design available in sizes from 12 to 18 metre with flexible working widths, single side fold and narrow transport width. Coil springs and adjustable trapeze suspension with anti-yaw provides excellent performance and ride.

In cab controls are compact and ergonomically designed to accommodate the operator’s right hand on the right side of the box. The layout puts all frequently used functions at the fingertips. Optional Hardi Controllers HC2500 or HC5500 are proven computers providing easy to use rate control. The programmed application rate can be changed on the go and operator is informed of the operational status of the sprayer.

Options like 100 litre foam marker can be added with integrated function control in the cab spray box providing left right operation and foam rate control. In line boom filter can provide additional nozzle filtering and triplet nozzle holders will give you a choice of nozzle at your finger tips. A Hardi calibration kit makes calibration and nozzle selection easy.

Rinsing the tank in the field has never been easier than with the tank rinse nozzle option. There are optional fence line nozzles and boom end fence guards to choose. Filtered fast fill, night lights and mudguards can also be fitted.

The Ranger sprayer is part of a family design, with integrated clean water tank and all primary functions located in the work zone. It is easy to operate with logical manifold system layout. It has enhanced stability, thanks to a low centre of gravity due to the tank being wider at the base.  As the tank empties, liquid is kept in the forward part of the tank, maintaining weight on the drawbar. 

Hardi use high quality components. The chassis is produced in high strength steel then powder-coated for the best protection against the elements.  A proven ParaLift and boom suspension is used for boom height control and guarantees the optimum boom performance. The liquid system consisting of the Hardi diaphragm pump and the EVC controls will ensure years of reliable service.

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