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The Duo deflectors by HARDI

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The Duo deflectors DHT series and DST series (short) by Hardi are made of 2 mm thick stainless steel plate to provide optimum protection against corrosion. The deflectors can be mounted as a complement on all arrow and mercury blower units, therefore improving treatment efficiency of trees in comparison with a conventional blower unit.

Duo deflectors make use of the air that is lost in the middle of the row by a machine equipped with a conventional blower. By using thin air, trees of more than 5 m tall, with row spacing of between 3 and 6 m, can be treated, saving up to 25% of chemical product when compared to conventional machines.

Characteristics of upper deflectors:

  • 35º folding and unfolding
  • Independent left / right position
  • Manual height setting
  • Integrated design.

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