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Grain Silos

HE Silos are an Australian manufacturer of grain storage solutions and provide high-quality Grain Silo units.

All Silos come standard with a platform ladder cage (750ml diameter), remote opening lid, 1 sight glass and a 550ml diameter manhole located at the base.

Silos meet and exceed AS2628 silo sealing standard as a result of unique construction methods using Henrob and Huckbolt fasteners which insures an airtight sealed (No Pop Rivets are used).

All silos come delivered, bolted down and are ready to use
Other features and benefits include:

  • Galvanized steel bases and zincalume roof and barrels for greater corrosion resistance 
  • Provide a controlled atmosphere for fumigation of insect pests with phosphine or co2
  • Pressure relief valve fitted to prevent pressure build up in silo as it expands/ contracts with temperature changes
  • Ladders and cages adhere to AS1657
  • All openings have a rubber gasket
Silos are available in a range of models 150- 4.4t, 300- 8.7t, 300E- 8.7t, 420E- 12t, 510- 12t, 510E- 14.8t, 750- 14.8t, 940- 27.5t, 1200- 35t, 1500- 40t, 1700- 50t, 2000- 55t, 2350- 65t, 2800- 75t, 3600- 100t and 3960- 110t.
HE Silos are able to design and build silos to specific customer requirements, enquire within.

Optional extras include integrated fan forced fumigation which allows for safer handling of phosphine tablets at ground level, reducing the need to climb the silo. As well as integrated thermal fumigation which eliminated the need for power to site.
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