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Hybrid grain sorghum seeds from HSR Group

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HSR Group  offers different varieties of hybrid grain sorghums. Dominator hybrid grain sorghums can thrive well in dry climatic conditions and possess other attributes including good pollen production and short flowering duration phase. These hybrid seeds are tolerant to drought and chemical leaf burns. Dominator hybrid grain sorghums from HSR Group can be easily harvested and applied by using sprayers. Liberty is a white hybrid grain sorghum that has been specifically developed for livestock feeding systems. Different characteristic features of this hybrid grain sorghum include drought tolerance, high yielding variety and midge resistance.

Armour hybrid grain sorghum from HSR Group has quick flowering characteristics and is a midge resistant red grain hybrid. This grain is ideal for late planting and produces a good yield potential. Armour grain sorghum has open head that enables to minimise the attack of sorghum head caterpillar. Enforcer hybrid grain sorghum from HSR Group has medium slow maturity rate and yields about 3.02 tonnes per hectare even on a severely drought affected area. Venture hybrid grain sorghum has characteristic features including medium to quick maturity rate, drought tolerance and production of viable pollen.

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