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Hybrid maize seeds from HSR Group

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HSR Group  offers a diverse range of hybrid maize seeds. Olympiad hybrid maize seeds thrive well both in irrigated and dryland areas. These maize seeds can be used as silage or grain. Different characteristic features of Olympiad hybrid maize include vertical leafy hybrid, production of quality silage and grains. The protein level of this maize averages from 7 percent to about 10 percent. Olympiad is a semi dent grain with husk cover and quick cob drop. Hercules hybrid maize grain is a high yielding variety that can be used as silage and grain. This hybrid maize provides high yield and can be digested and metabolised easily. Hercules hybrid maize has a medium cob height and produces tall stature plants.

Hannibal hybrid maize grain from HSR Group thrives well in drylands and irrigated areas. This hybrid is a water efficient grain and produces high yield. Hannibal hybrid maize grain has been specifically developed for stockfeed markets. Maximus hybrid maize grains from HSR Group include high yielding grains serving dual purpose capacity. This grain can easily adapt to a diverse range of environmental conditions. Maximus grains can be metabolised and digested easily.

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