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BMR Revolution

BMR Revolution is a new innovation in forage sorghum can lift production in the grazing and dairying industries by as much as 20%. It's also one of the most vigorously growing forages available and is often ready to graze 4 to 6 weeks after planting in Spring. 

It should be grazed or cut for hay at about 1 metre high to allow time for the next cut or grazing to ratoon. This will maintain the highest possible quality.

  • Sudan grass x sorghum type 
  • BMR Technology boosts 
  • Growth and milk productivity by 20%
  • Excellent for hay making and silage 
  • Safe low prussic acid levels
  • Recommended for early grazing 
  • Palatable, fine stemmed and very leafy 

HSR seeds offer wide range of seeds including maize, sunflowers and sweetcorn, please check our website for more details.
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