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Hace Industries introduce new Crane Remote

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The Akerströms Remotus MB-28 transmitter is the latest addition to the Remotus product family, brought to you by Hace industries . Hace Industries will be supplying both Australia and New Zealand with the Remotus crane remote control. The unique transmitter incorporates pushbuttons and joysticks in one model, and is the first of its type on the market. . The transmitter is designed for remote control of various applications such as cranes, lifting equipment, load changers, salvagers, concrete pumps, mobile applications and more. 

The Remotus MB-28 transmitter is the result of Åkerströms’ innovative thinking and customer input. The MB-28 has a pushbutton transmitter design with all the functionality of a joystick transmitter.  This is a totally new, unique transmitter with eight two-stage pushbuttons and two joysticks incorporated into the same model. The transmitter is easy to operate with one hand, making it a great alternative for applications where functionality of a joystick transmitter would otherwise be needed. In principle, it can be used with any application; the list of possibilities is endless.

The Remotus MB-28 transmitter can control 4 analogue and 8 digital functions with 2 steps, providing extended functionality. There is also a switch which can extend the number of total functions. The transmitter is also slated for later release in a version with indicator display for various functions such as weight.

Tailored to rugged environmentsJust like other Remotus transmitter models, the Remotus MB-28 meets IP 65 standards and tolerates tough conditions such as moisture, dust, cold, heat, shocks, and vibrations.

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