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Farm improvement services from Haddon Rig

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Haddon Rig  provides solutions to improve farms by conducting various farm management programmes. The farm improvement programme includes stud improvements during different years. Haddon Rig has offered solutions to improve the drought-proof property by placing new water troughs and slabs. Haddon Rig provides access to permanent bore water for stock. Two major bore are also connected to the grazing field for use in case of emergencies.

Haddon Rig has helped in improving the farm area through other means also. Haddon Rig has helped in covering the roof area of ram selling race and has extended the wool shed to create a shelter and shade, to improve the circulation of stock and to protect the cattle from other elements. Haddon Rig is also actively involved in improving storage and production of fodder.

Haddon Rig carries out occupational health and safety audits every year throughout the farms and updates the safety manual constantly. The sheep are handled with help of hydraulically driven conveyor belt. Haddon Rig has offered additional holding yards and has improved the ram selling facilities.

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