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Merino stud and HR Macarthur rams from Haddon Rig

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Haddon Rig  is a mixed farming property and offers high quality agricultural products. The agricultural products offered by Haddon Rig include cotton, merino wool, merino rams and beef cattle. Haddon Rig is one of the foremost merino studs in Australia. Two-year-old rams from Haddon Rig are sold at annual national sale held in Dubbo.

Haddon Rig was purchased by Franc Falkiner to start the genetic beginnings of merino stud. These flocks are managed and classified by Haddon Rig. The stud breeds are large framed and come with soft bright woollen rams. These flocks are ideal for meat and wool production as well as sheep grazing operations. The sheep is known for its body size and hardiness. The merino ewe offers maximum range of lambs and wool cut. The genetics of Haddon Rig come with specific bodylines.

The rams from Haddon Rig are differentiated into various families. The HR Macarthur family includes HR 7-118 Benson. It is tall, nourished with medium wool character and has long body with good horn. HR 9-33 Tim is a correct sire with long body and soft muscle. This type of ram comes with well-nourished and stylish medium wool. HR 0-34 is a square ram with well-set horns, evenly crimped soft handling wool.

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