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Bulls for sale from Haigslea Droughtmasters

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Haigslea Droughtmasters  offers a wide variety of females and bulls for sale. Haigslea Droughtmasters stud is situated in the Mary River Valley, Queensland. This stud was established in the year 1990 and it is run by Jen Mercer and Doug Haigh. Around 150 breeders and 5 sire lines are available in this Haigslea Droughtmasters stud. Doug Haigh is involved in breeding beef and operates them to small goods factories. Jen Mercer holds knowledge in soil, agricultural and plant nutrition.

Jen Mercer and Doug Haigh are also involved in operating D and G Livestock as auctioneers, agents and consultants. D and G Livestock is a multi vendor stud and conduct cattle sales each year at Coolabunia Salesyards. Wide range of bulls and females are available for sale through out the year in the Haigslea Droughtmasters stud. The cattle to be bred within the Haigslea Droughtmasters stud must be fertile, fleshy and temperament.

The females retained in the herd by Haigslea Droughtmasters are fertile and quiet. The cows are mated seasonally. The females are available for sale. Haigslea Droughtmasters provides both joined and unjoined heifers that are 15-18 months old for sale. Herd Bulls and stud bulls are also available for sale at Haigslea Droughtmasters.

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