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Halytech microSpider raises alarm on irrigation pivots

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Halytech  microSpider is a data logging and telemetry system used in the agriculture industry to keep a watch over the performance of irrigation pivots.

Leppington Pastoral Company (LPC), a family owned and operated dairy farm based at Bringelly, NSW uses the Halytech microSpider alongside a system with their irrigation pivots to allow monitoring of various performance parameters such as alignment, low water supply, end of travel and engine faults including over-temperature and oil pressure.

Water is absolutely vital for growing grass for feed in the dairy industry. Making sure water is applied in just the right amount is of paramount importance to LPC. The dairy farm is able to monitor the performance of their irrigation pivots remotely and also receives an alarm by SMS when pumping stops, allowing them to take immediate action.

The pivots at LPC have a system, which monitors various aspects of their operation. If any one of these parameters deviates from the normal, the system shuts down and pumping stops. Halytech microSpider monitors the automatic shutdown output on the pivot and, when activated, sends a text message by SMS and/or email to one or more mobile phones. This enables LPC to take corrective action to rectify the fault quickly and get the water flowing again.

Key features of Halytech microSpider telemetry system:

  • IP68 enclosure
  • On-board battery with up to 7 years’ life
  • Reliability and ease of installation
  • Requires simple bolting to the pivot’s frame and connecting the output from the automatic shutdown
  • Simple configuration using a web browser to set up two alarms (one for automatic shutdown and one for battery status) and typing in mobile phone numbers for sending alarms

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