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Seed treatment fungicides from Hannaford

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Hannaford  offers seed treatment products like Thiraflo, Vitaflo C, Maxiflo and Mantle to control insects and diseases in the crop. Mantle is a fungicide used to treat the seeds against various fungal diseases. Mantle is used for the control of damping off caused by Phytophthora and Pythium species in beetroot, peas, soybeans, carrots, cotton and subterranean clover. Mantle helps in controlling downy mildew in peas, radishes, maize and sweet corn.

Thiraflo from Hannaford is a broad-spectrum flow able seed treatment fungicide that is ideal for protecting chickpeas. Thiraflo eliminates the Pythium species that emerge during both sowing and emergence time. It increases the establishment of chickpea crop and active against root rots, anthracnose, ascochyta and grey mould. Thiraflo fungicide helps in controlling soil borne diseases of chickpeas.

Maxiflo provides tri protection against loose smut, flag smut, leaf rust, covered bunt and black leg in wheat and canola. Maxiflo is ideal for controlling leaf and strip rust in wheat. It is also used to suppress blackleg and septoria tritici blotch. Maxiflo protects the foliage, root and the seed from various diseases.

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