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Zincflo, Xlflo, Vitavax 200 FF seed treatment products from Hannaford

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Hannaford  provides Zincflo, Xlflo, Vitavax 200 FF and Vitaflo C seed treatment products. Zincflo is used to treat seeds against zinc deficiencies and it helps in improving the vigour of the plant. Zincflo enhance resistance against stress and diseases too. When the seeds are treated with Zincflo, it releases precise quantity of zinc and enhances the seedling zinc status.

Zincflo offers zinc to the germinating seed for immediate uptake, increases the fertility, helps to maximize the yield by improving the nutrition levels and enhances the crop establishment. Zincflo is effective, enhances stress resistance and it is used as preventive measures before the crop is affected.

Vitaflo C offers protection against bunts and smuts and it increases the yield potential of the plant. Vitaflo is soft on the seed and it does not affect the germination process. Vitaflo offered by Hannaford increases the yield and it improves the development of root structure. Vitaflo consists of cypermethrin for controlling the grain insects. Vitaflo is active against covered smut, flag smut and loose smut in oats, barley and wheat crops.

Vitavax 200FF comes with two active ingredients, carboxin and thiram. It is active against smuts, soil borne diseases and bunts. It helps in stimulating the germination process and early seedling under adverse conditions.

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