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Panel and wall mounted controllers from Hannah Instruments

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Hannah Instruments  offers a diverse range of boilers and cooling towers. These boilers and cooling towers include panel mounted controllers, wall mounted controllers, analog process controllers, mini controllers, transmitters and level controllers. HI 504 series of panel mounted controllers include features such as sensor check device and tele-control option. HI 700 series comprise of features including microprocessor conductivity device in conjunction with TDS controllers and four ring potentiometric probe. mV 600 series of panel mounted controllers consist of microprocessor ORP controller and matching pin option.

HI 21 series of wall mounted controllers, from Hannah Instruments, possess simple and easy operation. These controllers are microprocessor based process meters that comprise of features including better resolution, flexibility, bi directional RS485 port, push button password programming and fail safe alarm system. This fail safe alarm system has been specifically incorporated for protecting the controller from power interruptions and line failure. BL931700 series of mini controllers can be installed in confined spaces and available at cost effective rates. These mini controllers are suitable for a diverse range of applications including textiles, papers, photographic solutions and water treatment applications.

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