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Trailers, cattle handling equipment from Hans Steel Supplies

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Hans Steel Supplies  specialises in offering cattle handling equipment, galvanised trailers and trailer parts to building and rural industries. Hans Steel Supplies has been manufacturing Beef Boss range of cattle equipment.

The Beef Boss range of livestock products from Hans Steel Supplies includes cattle crushes, vet crushes, head bails, calf cradles, short crushes, creep gates, slide gates, loading ramps, hay feeders, grain feeders, combination feeders, mobile grain feeders, portable panels, man gates, race bows, portable yard gates, draft gates, grain storage bins and round bail feeders.

The trailers offered by Hans Steel Supplies are available in thirty different models with suitable accessories. Hans Steel Supplies offers custom-built trailers up to 4.5 tonnes to fulfil the requirements. The Hans trailers offered by Hans Steel Supplies includes galvanised box trailers, tilt trailers, cattle crates, flat top trailers, builder's trailers, car trailers, hydraulic tip trailers, bike trailers, utility trailers, tandem trailers, contractor trailers, tradesman trailers, painter's trailers, lawn mowing trailers and off road trailers.

Hans Steel Supplies offers a range of trailer parts including slipper springs, couplings, axles, brakes, tandem springs, shackle springs, hubs, jockey wheels, stubs, catches, lights, bearings handles and latches.

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