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Hardi aluminium spray booms mean width without weight

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article image The Pommier aluminium booms are very hard-wearing even in harsh conditions

Specialist sprayer company Hardi Spraying - WA is experiencing huge demand for its Pommier aluminium booms, a range of strong, light and ultra-wide spray booms.

Hardi Sales and Marketing Manager Steve Parker says growers and contractors are recognising the potential for strong but lightweight aluminium booms to dramatically improve productivity in a cost effective way.

According to Steve, every grower and contractor wants to optimise their spraying operation. Popular choices include increasing tank volume to reduce the number of fills and going faster to increase work rate; however nothing is more effective than a wider boom because it helps cover more ground in less time while reducing engine hours, labour hours and fuel consumption.

Traditional steel booms are heavy, placing a practical limitation on the width; the weight also impacts power and performance.

Hardi’s Pommier aluminium booms are not only much lighter at about half the weight of steel booms but their construction ensures the lighter weight doesn’t compromise on strength. Unlike other aluminium boom manufacturers, Pommier engineers its own profiles, using larger cross-sections than in many steel boom designs.

The aluminium truss delivers incredible performance through design and construction techniques perfected by Pommier over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Pommier aluminium booms are also very hard-wearing even in harsh conditions because aluminium is more corrosion-resistant than steel and does not require painting.

Hardi offers four Pommier aluminium booms in widths ranging from 24m to 42m.

Hardi also recommends combining the best boom with the best sprayer and the best spray technology for truly optimised spraying results.

Steve explains a wider boom will get the job done faster, but the right sprayer technology will get it done better. Hardi’s self-propelled sprayers feature an innovative yaw-dampening centre design that is especially crucial with wider booms. Market-leading features also include AutoTerrain for automatic boom height and stability control, and OnRate for rate control.

AutoTerrain sets new standards in wider boom performance and drift control by allowing the operator to maintain a lower boom height regardless of the terrain, while OnRate locks on to the target rate and maintains it even when spraying speed changes, during turning in or out of headlands, and when the auto boom section control is active.

Hardi offers three self-propelled sprayers: the SaritorII 5,500 litre tank; the Alpha Evo with 4,100 litre tank and the Presidio with 2,700 litre tank.

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