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CNC machines, lockseamers and pan brakes from Hare & Forbes Machinery House

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Hare & Forbes Machinery House  provides a wide range of equipment including CNC machinery, woodworking tools, sheet metals, lifting and handling equipment, machine tool accessories and workshop equipment.

The sheet metal equipment from Hare & Forbes Machinery House includes guillotines, pan breakers, punching machines, punches, press brakes, shears, lockseamers, shears, rolling machines, lubrication oils and absorbents. The CNC machinery offered by Hare & Forbes Machinery House consists of CNC tooling and accessories, bar feeders, CNC machining centres and CNC turning centres. CNC machining centres are available in vertical, horizontal and double column models.

Hare & Forbes Machinery House offers three models of lockseamers. The OzForm-16 lockseamer is built according to the Australian standards of quality and design. It has a 10 millimetre flange for specific operations and projects. This lockseamer is ideal for open-end fittings.

Pan brakes from the company are available in three types such as manual, magnetic and hydraulic pan brakes. The 2470 millimetres hydraulic pan brakes come with manual clamps that are blended hydraulically. These pan brakes are made from Italian Brevini hydraulics and manufactured with the help of fabricated steel materials.

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