Control all Types of Weeds with Hatzenbichler Weed-Fix


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Weed Fix Management Control

Weed Fix is a power scuffler that has been manufactured to cultivate between rows and move large quantities of soil consistently throughout the rows, which in turn smothers growing weeds.

This is accomplished by using parallelogram mounted cultivation tools and using the adjustable depth wheels that frequently determine the infiltration depth of the tines and the gap underneath row shields. 

Weed Fix is an effective weed management system 
  • Able to be adjusted to row spacing’s of 250mm or larger
  • Works within widths of single rows
  • Works with rows of up to 8 m
  • Front and rear mountings available
Weed Fix is able to manage a range of weeds in various crop types including brocolli, all coli-crops, beans, lettuce and many more without the use of herbicides or hand picking.

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