Efficiently Sow All Types of Seeds with Hatzenbichler Pneumatic Seeders


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Pneumatic seed box "Air 8, Air 16 and Air Control"

Air controlled pneumatic seeders from Hatzenbichler Australia is able to simply adjust the seed quantity dispersed.

The adjustments on the seeder are able to be done with an on-board computer from the tractor cabin.

With compartments on the dosage roller responsible for providing the exact dosage needed, this air seeder is perfect for all pastures.

Pneumatic air seeders allows for simple seeding of a range of grass

  • 150 Liter+view glass
  • Potentiometer for control unit
  • Agitator
  • Mounting holding plate with clamps
  • Chain drive
  • Coarse and fine dosage rollers
  • 8 distributing deflectors
  • 24m hose
  • Cable and plugs for 2 e-motors
Attachable on all tillage machinery for easy seeding
This Hatzenbichler pneumatic air seeders are able to be fixed on all tillage implements and can as a result can be used to sow green covers as well as planting new pastures.

In addition it is also able to sow grass and grass clover mixtures into the cereals.
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