Hatzenbichler Pasture Renovators Improves Overall Pasture and Increase Productivity


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Vertikator Pasture Renovators by Hatzenbichler

The Vertikator Pasture Renovators levels, harrows, seeds and rolls to press the soil around the seed for optimal germination all in one fast pass. 

Vertikator's are versatile and are able to broadcast seeds just as effectively on rough, rocky country or river flats.

Pasture Renovators allows pasture seed to germinate naturally on the surface, in contact with the soil

  • Ideal for sowing summer fodder crops such lucerne, brassicas, millet etc. into fully cultivated soil
  • Comes included with mechanical Exactor Box or the AIR 8 pneumatic seed box, which sow a wide range of seed sizes
  • Exaktor box fan out the seed to give an even distribution over the entire paddock
  • The Exaktor and AIR 8 boxes are also available as separate options which can be mounted on top of power harrows, chisel plows and cultivators
  • Exaktor boxes available in sizes from 1-3 metres and are suitable for horticulture, vineyard applications and broadacre sowing
  • The AIR 8 pneumatic boxes cover widths and individually measure up to 6 metres with 8 outlets
Hatzenbichler renovators are accurate, fast and easy to operate
The Hatzenbichler pasture renovators are designed for sowing pastures into either worked ground or into existing pastures, either to rejuvenate or totally re-sow without the need to cultivate, at speeds of up to 15km/h and with a low HP requirement. 
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