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Bird pests from Tisara (Australia)

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The blackbird, a bird pest type listed by Tisara (Australia) , has a habit of hunting for food under shrubs and trees. The Hawk Bird Scarer, provided by Tisara (Australia), is effective in preventing blackbirds from entering properties. The Hawk Bird Scarer can be placed above the required area with its head facing the birds' entry. This will prevent birds from entering the patch.

Alternatively, Tisara (Australia) recommends that customers place the Hawk at heights where the birds cause damage or at the edge of garden beds. By placing the Hawk Bird Scarer at the end of the garden edge, customers can protect the entire garden. Hawk Bird Scarer from Tisara (Australia) can be used to prevent cockatoo damage around homes.

The Hawk Bird Scarer can also help prevent damage to television cables and solar systems placed on roofs. The Hawk Bird Scarer from Tisara (Australia) can be useful in a number of external situations. However, ducks and cormorants should clearly see the profile of the Hawk Bird Scarer while landing if they are to be frightened.

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