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Hawk Bird Scarers keep nesting birds away

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The Hawk Bird Scarer is an innovative bird control device that prevents birds from nesting in and around homes, sheds and factories.
Nesting birds can be a nuisance, especially from the mud nests and dirty droppings that can attract other pests and vermin.
Mr Trevor Richards, who has been making Hawk Bird Scarers for 22 years emphasises that timing is critical to preventing birds nesting in unwanted places. An expert who has solved thousands of inquiries about bird problems, Mr Richards says that once a bird has selected its nesting site, it will die to defend and protect it.
Therefore, it is important to take suitable measures at least a few weeks before the nesting period starts. Nesting begins in late winter and early spring, depending on the weather. A mild winter will see birds nesting earlier and a cold season can delay nesting by several weeks.
Mr Richards explains that the most effective form of control for nesting birds is to convince them their natural predator also lives in the area where they might otherwise want to nest. He adds that even something that looks like a real predator will suffice to keep them from nesting in that location.
The Hawk Bird Scarer is an Australian made durable plastic silhouette of a Goshawk, and has been used successfully for over 22 years to scare away birds from crops, gardens and other sites where bird nuisance was either costly, a health hazard or simply inconvenient.
These bird control devices are hung from a string on a verandah or placed on a pole in a garden, where they will arouse the instinctive fear of hawks in nesting birds, making them stay away.
The Hawk Bird Scarer is effective against starlings, welcome swallows, crows, silver eyes, Indian mynahs and parrots.
Key benefits of Hawk Bird Scarer:

  • Inexpensive, maintenance-free and durable bird control device
  • Safe for the environment and not offensive to neighbours
  • Scares away nesting birds by mimicking the form of predators
  • Sold by mail order, and agriculture shops and nurseries throughout Australia and exported to Europe and America
  • Provides several years of protection from damage that could run to many thousands of dollars

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