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Scare birds away for good with these top pest control tips

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article image These bird scarers discourage birds from returning to properties

While many of them are beautiful native animals that produce a soothing sound, various bird species create mess, damage properties and crops and carry harmful diseases.

There are many harmless pest control methods that that one can adopt to both scare away birds and effectively discourage them from returning.


As soon as birds, particularly woodpeckers, pigeons, blackbirds and starlings perch themselves on your property, scare them away with a loud, ghastly horn or other noise emitting device.

Unfamiliar sounds shock and frighten birds; however it is important to note that they will become familiar with such sounds if they are used again and again, which means they will be more inclined to stay. 

In order to prevent this, look out for a device that can be programmed to emit a range of different sounds.

Sounds of birds in distress or predators as they search for food are particularly effective.


You will notice that various homes and businesses have spikes sticking out of their ledges, roof peaks and the like.

These pest control devices, otherwise known as bird spikes, are designed to prevent pesky birds from roosting on buildings and leaving their unsightly droppings, that can be both time consuming and tedious to remove, behind.

Visual devices

Avoid the traditional scarecrow, as its effectiveness is limited. This is also true for devices that do not move, as birds will quickly figure out that something that doesn’t move at all does not really pose a threat to their livelihood.

The Hawk Bird Scarer is a unique and highly effective pest control device that is a life like replica of a real hovering hawk.

The bird scarers frighten birds by playing on their instinctive fear of the hawk. This is achieved as they have the exact profile and mode of action of an attacking hawk.

The bird scarers can be suspended from string, placed on a pole or controlled by hand. It is a good idea to alternate between the three as this can confuse birds and tricks them into believing that the device is genuine.

Inexpensive and maintenance free, the bird scarers can be used to scare all bird species, from cockatoos and rosellas through to pigeons and galahs, away from properties.


Protect your grasses, plants and wood products by spraying them with a food-grade biodegradable spray that is made of a component of Concord grapes.

The spray does not cause the birds or the environment any harm, yet the taste is so unappetising it can scare them away for eternity. 

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