Hay Cap

Hay Caps are a new and innovative way to cover stacks of hay. Made from food grade recycled plastic, Hay Caps are very quick, simple and effective to use and applied at ground level in less than a minute.


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15/10/12 - Hay cap covers were invented which are square covers made for large square bales of hay that can be applied from ground level.
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28/09/12 - Hay Cap is a unique product that protects hay stacks against rain, mould and rot.
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29/11/11 - Hay Caps are manufactured from waste plastic which is converted into an affordable, practical and durable product.
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29/09/11 - Hay Cap presents their new season of hay covers that offer better protection for hay stacks with new features and options.
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20/11/13 - Hay Caps are the safest and simplest way to protect your hay and minimise losses.

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