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Hayes Spraying offers N buggy system for dispensing urea

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Hayes Spraying  offers various spray equipment including boomsprays, shielded or hooded sprays, second hand boom sprays, spray accessories and so on. Hayes Spraying also provides N buggy, weed seekers as well.

N buggy is a system developed by Hayes Spraying for dispensing urea into the irrigation water. The conventional procedure used for dissolving urea involves high energy and capital. In addition, the conventional system is not portable as well. N buggy developed by Hayes Spraying solves these hassles and applies the nitrogen during the irrigation of the crop.

N buggy is cost effective as the operating costs enable cheaper application, lesser crop damage and no soil compaction. Nitrogen is fertilised when the crop requires it especially in the root zone. N buggy also offers in crop fertilization which reduces the loss of denitrification. This system offered by Hayes Spraying provides effective field coverage compared to water run gas.

N buggy from Hayes Spraying is mobile which enables the transport of this system from field to field. This system is solar powered and it has a rugged construction for durability. N buggy can also be used for running other solids including potassium.

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