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Hazelton Brahmans specialises in breeding of Brahmans and Charbays

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Hazelton Brahmans is involved in the breeding of Brahmans. Some of the bulls offered by Hazelton Brahmans for sale include Hazelton Sydney, Hazelton Snoopy, Hazelton Sportsman and Hazelton Statesman. These bulls are grey coloured, horned and are vaccinated as well.

The sires offered by Hazelton Brahmans include Hazelton Double Echo, JDH Mr Manso, JDH Roanoke Manso, Hazelton Remedy, Palmvale Optimum, Hazelton Powerball and Lancefield Callum.

The Brahmas breed was introduced by Hazelton Brahmans in the year 1906. Due to a number of desirable characteristics of this breed pure breeding was carried on by Hazelton Brahmans. Currently the Brahmans have been mated with an Indo-Brazilian breed which has resulted in offsprings having the best of both the breeds.

The offsprings from Hazelton Brahmans have good adaptability and tolerance against internal and external parasites and towards drought conditions. Hazelton Brahmans also breeds Charbarys. Apart from the breeding, Hazelton Brahmans is also involved in embryo transfer procedure.

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