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Alternative medicine for pets and livestock

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The natural healing modality of  Homeopathy has a lot to offer farmers as an alternative medicine for pets and livestock - whether they are large scale farmer, hobby farmer, best practice farmer or totally organic, homeopathy can save them money on animal health and increase production.  Working by stimulating a natural healing response within the body, Homeopathy can provide fast efficient healing without suppression of the symptoms.  

Homeopathic alternative medicine for pets and livestock are naturally:  

  • Chemical free
  • No negative side effects
  • No withholding period
  • Not drug testable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Suitable for organic farming  

At less than 10c per treatment, homeopathy is a cost effective alternative medicine for pets and livestock.  

The Heal with Ease product range has been created by farmers.  They know the problems facing farmers and have used and tested the remedies in a real farm environment for the past 10 years.  The kits in the Heal with Ease range have been designed for the novice with detailed, colour coded instructions that are easy to follow.  Heal with Ease provide a full back up support through either email or phone to ensure good results.  

The Heal with Ease Farmers Kit contains 24 remedies that will help to drive a farm system forward to the next level. There are 18 standard alternative medicines for pets and livestock that treat everyday issues like infection and abscess right through to breeding and birthing issues.  In addition to these 18 remedies, the Farmers Kit allows for individual requirements and provides six specifically chosen remedies to suit the farmers needs.  It might be a selenium or copper deficiency that is a problem for the farmer.  This imbalance in nutrients can be adjusted by giving the stock the required vitamin or mineral in homeopathic form.   

Here are some everyday problems that can be treated with alternative medicine for pets and livestock:   

  • Vitamin & mineral deficiencies 
  • Muscle/tendon injuries 
  • Infection – mudfever, footrot, ulcers 
  • Abscesses 
  • Birthing and weaning issues 
  • Pink eye and other eye injuries 
  • Bloat, scouring, 3 day sickness
The Heal with Ease Farmers Pack will save farmers thousands of dollars by:   
  • Helping the farmer save animals that otherwise would have had to be put down   
  • Increasing feed/weight conversion   
  • Cost effective vitamin/mineral rebalancing   
  • Aiding with a settled weaning process   
  • Remedies to calm animals before and after transportation

Those looking for an alternative medicine to improve production in stock animals or who are planning to go organic can beneifit from contacting Heal with Ease.

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