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Animal health products - ‘Stopping the lambs from dying’

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I wanted to share with you my experience with one of our farming clients, Scott Macansh who owns Deepwater Station in Deepwater, NSW.

It was in March 2011 that I received a call from Scott. After introductions, I asked him what I could do to help him. His answer, “I need you to stop my lambs from dying”.

What was wrong with his lambs? Scott is a young, proactive farmer who was working with every expert available and he called Heal with Ease , out of sheer desperation to save his livelihood. At this point Scott had lost 500 lambs.

So, I got him to email me a photo of his sheep. Not the whole flock, just a good sample that were unwell. It took me 10 mins to determine the bacteria that was killing these lambs. It was Heliobacter. This bacteria breaks down the lining of the stomach. I quickly got back to Scott who was quite amazed that I could pick this up so fast.

The following morning Scott made the 6 hour round trip to pick up the energy version of the heliobacter bacteria. His words as he walked out our door, and I will never forget them were, “Even if I don’t believe in these remedies, will they still work”. We smiled at him and said ‘yes’.

He returned home and drenched the remedy into half of his lambs. He lost one or two that were very weak on the way through the yards but the rest immediately started to bounce. The balance were done the following day and the deaths stopped. Just like that.

The next step was to heal the internal damage caused by the bacteria and most importantly find out where the bacteria came from and see if we could stop it. A healing plan was created for Scott to run through the trough water for these lambs and a farm visit attended by Eric 5 days later.

What Eric found when he got there was a settling pond that fed from the town waste water. During the recent floods in January the settling pond had flooded over the paddocks around it and this is where the stock were picking up the bacteria. We found many other bacterias and chemicals in the settling pond when we tested it. Not tested as in standard water testing but muscle tested, like we did with the sheep.

All Scotts’ sheep healed beautifully. We worked on the ewes, the cattle and even the rams to bring them up to a better level of health. This has been ongoing as we work through the layers of current and inherited (cellular stored) issues but with every step his stock are looking better.

In September when the lambs above were shorn, their wool was white and bright and had grown perfectly since the lambs were healed. His ewes which we also treated, had bright, white wool with not imperfections – no dermatitis or any of the older existing issues.

In farming sometimes you get as many losses in a wet season as you do in a dry season. Scott’s new lambs (September/October 2011), were nice and small, no lambing problems.

Considering the good feed season Scott was expecting many birthing problems due to oversized lambs. In the area, there was a lot of loss of cattle with bloat and bloat related issues, but Scott had none of these problems. Scott has a Farmers Pack and has been trained in muscle testing to assist with remedy choices to improve the day to day running of his farm.

In July, we proposed to run healing plans on Scott’s paddocks as a trial. He did the soil tests and we provided the remedies. The changes in the soil structure were quite remarkable after just two treatments (same remedies), so we are continuing on with our trials in this area and will update this post when we know more.

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