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Improve fertility with homeopathic animal fertility remedies from Heal with Ease

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article image Promote the birth of healthy young with animal fertlity remedies from Heal with Ease

For many years Heal with Ease  have been helping farmers and dog and cat breeders increase animal fertility to ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy and subsequent birth. 

In women, complicated births can affect further pregnancies, and the same goes for domestic animals. If a problem or slightly imperfect birth occurs then it can be hard to successfully mate the animal again.

However, by using their homeopathic animal fertility remedies, even if everything was not perfect last time, Heal with Ease can usually assist in cleansing the animal's uterus and reproductive system, allowing for further pregnancies without complication. 

Heal with Ease have had positive results and feedback from the use of their homeopathic animal fertility remedies.
A few years ago two dog trialling associates of the company both had bitches that had not cycled for many years. They could not say if their last litters had been difficult in any way. Both bitches were treated with the homeopathic animal fertility remedy, and six weeks to the day both dogs cycled for the first time in years and nine weeks later two litters were born.

Feedback on how these homeopathic animal fertility remedies work effectively on farms was received by Heal with Ease two weeks ago from Paul and Maree who have a flock of stud Dorper Ewes in NSW. Fertility had not been as high as they would have liked and often with the dry nature of previous seasons, mums had been abandoning their lambs to ensure their own survival.

This year, Paul and Maree gave all their ewes the animal fertility remedy six weeks prior to putting out the rams. This is a simple process done by putting the ewes through the race and treating with a water spray bottle containing the remedy. The rams went out for six weeks and when it was time to lamb all ewes had finished within the first three weeks. Paul and Maree went on to say that none of their mums abandoned their lambs when other farmers in the area were having trouble in that regard.

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