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Live in harmony with working dogs with sheep dog training from Heal with Ease

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article image Working and sheep dog training from Heal with Ease

When owning working dogs or sheep dogs it is important to know how to work with the ages and stages of the dogs’ growth, a process made easy by sheep dog training from Heal with Ease .

For the most part, people don’t realise that working dogs are different to other breeds of dogs. There is a misconception that working dogs need to run all day, every day, when in fact what owners need to do is allow and show their dog how to relax. 

Another problem that is often expressed to sheep dog trainers at Heal with Ease is that the working dogs fail obedience training. This is to be expected if the obedience training in question asks the dog to come to heel and stay at heel. 

In a working dogs working environment it is sent away from the handler to pick up the sheep and bring them back, in this situation the dog would be of little use to the handler if it was at heel all the time. See, It is in a working dogs breeding to travel out around the sheep (or other livestock) and be on balance with the handler and it is this natural instinct that makes working dogs so useful on the farm.  

A sheep dog training tip for the next time the working dog is taken for a walk is to give the dog a long lead, give it space to move around and feel comfortable. Then allow the dog naturally, with loose lead to come back in when they are comfortable.

This long lead technique can also be used when teaching the working dog to come. When the dogs name is called, ensure they come, every time, with gentle pressure on the end of the lead. It is important to only give them praise, no food, when they come.

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