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Natural Treatment for Pink Eye in Cattle, Sheep and Goats from Heal with Ease

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Heal with Ease  offers a natural treatment for the pink eye condition in cattle.

It is believed that the causes of pink eye in sheep and goats are different to that of cattle. However, the symptoms are very similar and by using homeopathic medicine and homeopathy remedies, conditions such as pink eye, eye abscess, cloudiness or opaqueness of the eyes can be treated with the same remedy at the onset.

At the first signs of pink eye, even in the conjunctivitis stage stock animals can be treated with the Heal with Ease Abscess remedy. The earlier it is treated the quicker the results, however full healing has been achieved in cattle that have had pink eye for several months.

Cattle and sheep on the farm need to be checked when they are brought through the yards and any animal with cloudiness (pink eye) must be treated immediately with the Abscess remedy. 

The pink eye treatment involves a simple drop on the nose, which is all that is required to achieve complete healing. In serious cases one may need to repeat the treatment 2-3 times over a few weeks.

Symptoms of pink eye in stock animals

The pink eye infection begins when the invading organisms cause swelling and redness to the eyelid lining (conjunctiva) and surrounding tissues of one or both eyes. The eye is very sensitive to light and may have an excessive amount of tearing.

These animals can have an increased temperature and often go off feed due to the pain associated with the infection. Over a period of 2-6 days, the eye becomes cloudy and an ulcer may develop.

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