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Three Day Assist from Heal with Ease

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Warm and wet weather are the ideal carries for viruses, especially the Three Day sickness that exists amongst cattle herds. Heal with Ease presents the Three Day Assist animal health products for cattle health, which helps bring the sick cattle quickly back to health.

Cattle suffering from the Three Day sickness can be costly and time consuming to look after. The Three Day sickness can cause the cattle to become stress or, in extreme cases, could even lead to death.

The Three Day Assist is not a vaccination for animal health and is only effective on cattle that are already under the influence of the Three Day sickness.

The Three Day Assist also works on cattle that are experiencing the virus in its early stages. Eventually a cattle that has experienced the Three Day sickness will develop its own immunity that would last them for several years.

The Three Day Assist animal health products, from Heal with Ease, is approved by the Accredited Organic Farmers and will help farmers save costs and time in treating the Three Day sickness in cattle health.

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