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Three day sickness alleviated within hours with homeopathic remedies from Heal with Ease

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Heal with Ease  are able to treat three day sickness in cattle with homeopathy remedies proven to alleviate symptoms and have the animal up and around within an hour or two.

Bovine ephemeral fever, more commonly known as three day sickness, is a virus found in cattle which usually runs a short course, however can run longer without treatment and lead to severe sickness, and sometimes death.

Symptoms of three day sickness can include:

  • a sudden onset of fever- as high as 41oC
  • a sudden and severe drop in milk production from milking cows
  • a cease in the animals eating and drinking
  • depression of the animal
  • large amounts of saliva drooling from the animals mouth
  • a stringy nasal discharge
  • watery eyes
  • shivering
  • stiffness
  • shifting lameness
  • reluctance to move particularly among heavier animals
  • swollen joints and jaw.
These symptoms will usually begin and cease all within the first two days, and by day three the affected animal is usually standing again and will begin to eat. However, lameness and weakness may last for another two or three days.

In the vast majority of cases after its short course animals affected by three day sickness will rapidly improve toward a complete recovery. However, the disease can vary in severity, with some animals showing only slight symptoms for about 24 hours, while a small number may stay down for many weeks.

Sick milking cows will usually drop production by at least 50%, with yield returning nearly to normal after about three weeks. Cows affected late in lactation, however, will often dry off. Mastitis sometimes develops, with a marked rise in the somatic cell count.

Bulls and fat cows tend to show more severe signs than other cattle. Such animals lose condition rapidly and are slow to regain their body weight. A proportion of bulls will suffer temporary infertility lasting from three to six months because of the high fever. Permanent infertility is uncommon but can occur.

A small proportion of animals that go down may suffer a permanent paralysis due to damage to the spinal cord- either as a direct effect of the virus, or due to injuries if they fall awkwardly.

Cows in advanced pregnancy may abort, however this is probably because of the fever, rather than a specific effect of the virus.

Although most of the herd can be affected, deaths from ephemeral fever are uncommon and rarely involve more than 1% of the herd. Death is usually the result of misadventure or being down for a long period.

Homeopathy remedies from Heal with Ease can help with three day sickness in a natural way. The first signs of three day sickness are treated with specific homeopathic remedies for fever and infection.

These remedies, from the HWE Beginners Kit, can pull the three day sickness up overnight. For application, the remedies need to be put in a drink bottle of water, shaken and administered on the nose of the sick animal where they lay. Previous treatments like this show the animal up and around within an hour or two. Follow up treatment may be done the next day but has been found unnecessary.

A Heal with Ease farmer from NSW had the following to say about the homeopathy remedies for three day sickness:

"Just an up date on the heifer with 3 day. She was so sick. On the Saturday afternoon I mixed up the Infection No. 2 & Fever no.4 & squirted it on her nose. She was just sitting there. I could even rub her around the eyes.

"Sunday morning I mixed up the remedies to put more on her nose. As soon as I got close to her she got up. I could not get any more on her. She was starting to eat again by Sunday afternoon. She has now completely recovered."

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