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CattleLink herd management software from HerdLink

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HerdLink provides technological solutions for managing cattle herds in Australia. CattleLink is a herd management software which is suitable for handling bulk entries for cattle and herds. This software saves time and resources of farmers as it acts as a powerful animal selector and farm organiser.

CattleLink selects animals from various categories such as paddocks, mobs, breeds or user defined groups. The animals selected by the software can be used for drenching, transport, sales and so on. This software is also an effective marketing tool as it provides a client database, catalog production tools and attractive printouts that help the process of stud marketing.

CattleLink offered by HerdLink acts a farm organiser that records details of farm jobs that need attention, tasks already completed, the action taken and so on. CattleLink is available in a commercial edition and Plus Stud edition.

The commercial edition of CattleLink provided by HerdLink includes animal selection features, bulk joining facilities and auto records for tracking animal movements and so on. This software is also weigh scale and NLIS compatible. It consists of an auto drench WHP/ESI warning feature and task manager for tracking the tasks.

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