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HerdLink offers CattleLink software for cattle management

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HerdLink  is an Australian company which produces software for livestock management. HerdLink delivers software solutions for the cattle industry and this company also designs and provides quality products along with back up support. HerdLink is a team oriented company which provides technological solutions. The staffs from HerdLink have extensive experience in the beef cattle industry.

CattleLink is a user friendly software developed by HerdLink. This is a herd management software which is designed for the management of beef and cattle. CattleLink has the capacity to handle large number of cattle and this software also has numerous pre-made reports.

CattleLink has an in-herd performance system which enables farmers to measure the performance of dams, sires and their progeny. This software also saves time as information can be entered individually and in bulk. Options like calving, weighing, health/drench treatments and so on are available in the CattleLink software from HerdLink.

Some of the features of the CattleLink software include auto records, bulk joining facilities, NLIS compatibility, sales records, inventories, numerous pre-made reports and so on. Animal movement history and breed plan downloads are also provided along with this software.

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