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Pain relief for horses

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Hi Form  can assist with advice on how to achieve pain relief for in horses.

The action of natural therapy in horses

To be scientifically accurate, natural therapy being used to treat conditions is not an anti-inflammatory, but rather a PRO inflammatory. Pharmaceutically, an anti-inflammatory drug blocks the inflammatory healing symptoms, by suppressing prostaglandins and leukotrienes, the body’s own chemicals which bring about inflammation as a response to injury, infection and allergens.

The equine healing process

The healing process of inflammation, (pain, swelling, fever, redness and loss of function) is necessary, but becomes a problem when it is prolonged and ineffectual.

Disease and infection

In both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, increased doses of a particular combination of the five nutrients can be very useful. This can be done by, for example, increasing the production of the body’s own inflammatory-mediating substances, such as cortisone’s and enkephalins.

High performance can lead to injuries in horses

Using natural therapy does not block the natural healing process, but rather accelerates, facilitates and shortens the inflammatory process. Thus, it is a pro-inflammatory by providing the boosted levels of those natural minerals and vitamins which are already present in the inflamed tissues, but often at insufficient levels to afford rapid healing.

Side effects

Natural therapy is supported very strongly due to its over all safety and low toxicity,
unlike the potent action and unbalancing side effects associated with commonly used drugs such as Phenylbutazone.

Injuries occur at any time in horses

It does not matter whether a horse is a high level performance horse or a pleasure horse, injuries occur. Inflammatory conditions can relate to an ongoing problem such as arthritis, or a sustained injury.

Prevention and natural therapy in horses

There is a focus on prevention before treatment. This involves achieving optimum nutrition for each individual, so that when inflammation occurs the body will be able to combat the disease or injury more effectively.

Achieving optimum health for horses

It is extremely important during times of stress and injury to maintain the correct nutritional intake. Maintaining the immune system is essential during these times.

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