HOMAN -- Manufacturers of specialised heavy duty land development equipment, and cardboard, paper and cloth balers


Supplier news
06/08/08 - Homan offers design and manufacturing services for a range of tillage and clearing equipment. Machinery from Homan includes disk openers, air seeders, blade ploughs, root raking ploughs, cutter bars, disc planters, till planting equipment and seeder
Supplier news
05/08/08 - Homan offers agricultural process control and material management solutions through a range of heavy duty equipment and machinery including canopies, treespears, blade ploughs, cutter bars, air seeders and rippers.
Supplier news
04/08/08 - Homan manufactures a wide range of agricultural support equipment and machinery including air seeders, disk openers and blade ploughs.

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PO Box 6257
QLD 4350
Tel: 07 4634 3584
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