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Air seeders available from Homan

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Homan  offers agricultural process control and material management solutions through a range of heavy duty equipment and machinery including canopies, treespears, blade ploughs, cutter bars, air seeders and rippers. The tillage and clearing equipment and machinery manufactured by Homan are available in a range of models and designs. Farmers and rural agribusiness owners with land clearing and soil preparation needs can benefit from the heavy duty equipment manufacture and support services offered by Homan. The farm equipment and machinery supplied by Homan are manufactured according to industrial quality standards.

The air seeders designed and distributed by Homan can be used for accurate seed and fertiliser distribution applications. Homan’s air seeders come with stainless steel distributors and poly hoppers. The hoppers of the air seeders are resistant to corrosion and cracking. The air seeders manufactured by Homan are available in toolbar mounted, double bin trailling, front mounted and tripple bin models. Broadacre row cropping operations requires precision controlled seeding and fertilising facilities.

Homan’s air seeders can be used for easy and effective row cropping applications. Farm scan units and precision farming kits can be attached to the air seeders manufactured by Homan.

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