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Horsley Wholesale specialises in electric fencing, animal identification, farm supplies, home and garden irrigation, agricultural weighing systems, pet supplies, fencing, worm farm and composting, irrigation, animal health, construction and joinery.


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11/01/12 - These Gallagher solar energisers are one of a range of energisers that are ideal for powering electric fences in areas without mains supply.
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03/05/11 - Gallagher electric fence systems, distributed in Australia by Horsley Wholesale, provide a convenient and cost effective means to control stock and improve grazing management.
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15/07/08 - Horsley Wholesale supplies an extensive range of hot tape and poly wire solutions. Hot tape and poly wire products from the company include wide hot tape, orange hot tape, orange poly wire, super hot tape, super poly wire, white hot tape, white poly
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14/07/08 - Horsley Wholesale offers an innovative range of pet fence containment systems. Pet fence containment systems prevent pets from wandering, digging, jumping and climbing out.
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