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Gateways and switches from Horsley Wholesale

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Horsley Wholesale  supplies an extensive range of hot tape and poly wire solutions. Hot tape and poly wire products from the company include wide hot tape, orange hot tape, orange poly wire, super hot tape, super poly wire, white hot tape, white poly wire, etc.

Horsley Wholesale offers strip grazing solutions such as large wind up reels, large geared wind up reels, multi wire treads in posts, pigtail spring steel posts, plastic multi wire treads in posts, steel pigtail posts, tall multi wire treads in posts and many more.

Horsley Wholesale also offers a wide range of signs. These include popular signs such as 'Beware of the dog', 'Electric Fence', 'Keep out', 'Shut the gate' and the like. Gateways and switches offered by Horsley Wholesale includes tape buckles, cut out switches, gate anchors, gate handles, insulated gate hook handles, spring gates, tape gates, super gate handles, etc. Fibreglass equipment supplied by Horsley Wholesale comes in a variety of products such as 1000 millimetre fibreglass posts, 1250 millimetre fibreglass posts, 1500 millimetre fibreglass posts and nylon driver caps.

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